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Give the gift of healing to a friend or loved one! Gift certificates can be used towards a Reiki session or a Reiki training. When you give Reiki as a gift certificate, you give balance, healing, and relaxation. Gift certificates will be printed on a quality paper and ship to you at no charge within one business day. Optional: Personalize with a dedicated message of yours.
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To schedule a full Reiki session call: Mika (425) 829-7765 or email:
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Upon arrival the client will receive a short introduction to Reiki and it's benefits.

A massage table is used while the client rests, fully clothed in a comfortable position. Though a massage table is used, Reiki is not a massage, nor are massage techniques used in a Reiki session. The practitioner's hands rest lightly on or over the body in a series of placements which focuses energy. During the Reiki session, one feels a peaceful sense of relaxation and well-being. Only appropriate touch is used in a Reiki session.

At Profound Reiki, the practitioner sometimes uses vibrational healing tools such as tuning forks. The Reiki session environment includes soothing aroma and sounds to help you relax. The Reiki session stimulates and supports the body's own self-healing process, and the energy goes on to work in an active way for several days after the session.

A typical Reiki session last for up to 60min with minimum 45min of actual Reiki treatment. The remaining time is used for introduction and summary notes.
What is a Reiki Session Like?
Relieves pain and reduces stress
Restores vitality and optimism
Accelerates healing from injury, surgery
Lessens side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation
Helps to resolve fears, depression, traumatic memories
Relieves back pain, muscle tension, joint pain
Brings spiritual clarity and serenity
Clears toxins from the body
Supports and complements traditional medical care
What can Reiki do for you?
Reiki Level I,II,III - Adults
Reiki for Children
Developing Higher Senses